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About "BIG Events"

The idea of spawning not just yet another event business was discussed by the 3 friends over a coffee session. We believed in education, but not just another education company. We believed in sharing experiences, but the speakers who shared, must have solid experience to deliver a quality sharing. We believed in entrepreneurship, not just yet another entrepreneurship course or workshop, but if we could help to shape our country economic towards modern economic.

The acronym E can really mean many good things that we believed in. Experiences, Educations, Entrepreneurs, Economic, Excellence, Extraordinary, Extravaganza, and etc. In BiGe, with the acronym of e means ExperiencesEvents and Expression but not limited to only these three. BIGe aims to become the Top Notch Conference Provider that conduct Signature Events and deliver Excellent Quality Experiences for our audiences through Great Expression from Speakers and Experts.

BIGe will achieve our vision by reaching out to different niche market segment via multiple conferences and events, to create the platform for our community and to provide opportunities to empower our audiences and
partners by connecting them together.