Program Highlight

Be a Smart Investor

Property Market Outlook & Investment

‣ Property Market Outlook 2019
‣ Residential Property Outlook 2019
‣ Commercial Property Outlook 2019
‣ Be a Creative Property Investors
‣ Property Taxation : RPGT and SST

Impact of Technology

Rapid Growth in Property Industry

‣ The Rise of Property Technology (Proptech)
‣ How Property Technology is changing
‣ AI in Property Industry
‣ Big Data in Property Industry
‣ Is Robot going to replace Property Agents / Negotiators
‣ How Blockchain Technology going to impact the
property market?

Hottest Topics On Fire

Conference Forum

‣ How Co-Working and Co-Living going to disrupt
the property market?
‣ Gen Y affordability of buying/ How Gen Y and Z
will reshape the market
‣ How will Digital Age Revolutionize the Real
Estate Industry: VR, 3D Printing, Smart home solution,
‣ Property Crowdfunding/ P2P Financing

What's Next?

Breakout Topics: New Coming Disruptive Model

‣ How Virtual Reality is transforming the property market
‣ IOT in Property Industry :Smart Home Solutions, Indoor
mapping, 3D Virtual Tours
‣ How is co-working disrupting the office space sector
‣ AirBnB, Co-Living and Home Swapping – How these
going to impact the rental market